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Live Silkworms are here 23.11.2021 

Small numbers available. Hopefully more coming soon but please only purchase what you really need for now so we can share them around. 


NOTE: must have mulberry leaves to feed these if wanting to watch them grow into amazing silk moths after spinning silk cocoons. Otherwise will need to feed out to your reptile, bird, fish, frogs etc asap. 


RURAL Shipping- please avoid as we are new to shipping these and would prefer they got there within a couple of days if possible. Will send but at your risk!!!




  • Live delivery Guaranteed

  • Sending out on only MONDAY & WEDNESDAY weekly. 

  • Orders must be received by 8am on Shipping days.

  • Target: Overnight to North Island non-rural; 2-3 days to South Island and Rural.

  • Please supply a non-rural address if possible.


As always, chirp on.