iNZect® Direct is one of New Zealand's oldest specialised insect farms beginning back in 2006. 

Producing quality insects for birds, fish, frogs, reptiles and more. Variety is key to any diet and we offer the best range of insects. From complete protein crickets to high calcium Soldier Grubs® and even Silkworms full of nutrient dense mulberry leaf. 

Having bred many reptiles kept in New Zealand plus frogs and multiple fish species not to mention chickens, turkeys, ducks, pigs and so on we understand your animals require the best nutrition to thrive not just survive. 

We courier to your door direct from the farm weekly in compostable packaging.  

High quality, plant immune-boosting frass fertilisers are created as a farming by-product. Insect frass is a natural source of plant nutrients for gardening and farming, helping to create a pathway away from artificially produced, high-emission fertilisers. 

Thank you for supporting a leading innovative New Zealand company. Any enquiries or questions always welcome.