Frassalizer® - Natural Plant Fertiliser 1KG

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Frassalizer® - Natural Plant Fertiliser 1KG

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Frassalizer® - Natural Plant Fertiliser - 

NPK: 2.1 - 0.8 - 2.2

100% Black Soldier Fly Larvae Frass now available in a 1 kg home compostable sealed package!.

Free-flowing, crumble texture is very easy handling out in the garden. A little goes a long way so use sparingly, you can always add more later if required. Very easy to sprinkle over existing garden beds or premix into potting mix. Excellent as a liquid fertiliser and also trials have shown amazing benefits when added to hydroponics.


Liquid feed / compost tea: 1 to 4 cups per 20L

Premixed soil: 1 cup / 15 litres

Topdress: 1 kg / 4x4 m

Tip: For hydroponics or foliar spray it is best to mix with water well prior to use. I like to put it in a bucket with an airstone bubbling for atleast a couple of hours, sometimes overnight to really liquify the nutrients, then put it through a sieve prior to application to avoid any undissolved chunks blocking water drippers or foliar sprayers etc. Anything left can be spread thinly on soil/garden.

Google insect frass - there are some amazing claims being made around the world and my trials on everything from fruit, vege, trees, even pasture have shown incredible results.

Cricket frass also available and is higher in Nitrogen and has unique properties also.

Sustainably produced from farming insects in New Zealand. #chirpon