Subscription clients please note: 

Accounts are not made automatically when you make the subscription order. You should be able to create an account on the top left drop down menu then edit and change your order as required. Just make sure to use the same email address as the original order.
Or to make an account click here https://inzectdirect.co.nz/account/register
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Q: Shipping, when? 

A: Tuesday each week from 19.04.2022. Please have orders in by Monday. 

Q: How do I keep the crickets alive once they arrive?

A: Providing fresh vegetables, such as sliced carrot or potato, is very important if you want your crickets to survive. See the Care page for full details.

Q: Will there be both male and female crickets in my order?

A: Yes, you should always get a mix of males and females. If you have time and patience to breed your own, winged insects are ready to breed and the large, pre-winged insects are almost ready to breed.

Q: Do you supply any other insects?

A: Currently iNZect Direct has scaled back to only provide premium feeder Crickets and Black Soldier Fly Larvae, the ultimate staple feeders and base to any good insectivore diet. Subscribe to our Newsletter to receive new product announcements.

Q: Do you allow pickups?

A: No - It is more economical and convenient for everyone if all product goes via courier.

Q: Are your crickets fit for human consumption?

A: No, not officially. iNZect Direct is focused on premium natural animal feed for now. The crickets have been successfully taste-tested by us, but iNZect Direct accepts no responsibility or liability if a human client chooses to eat our crickets and cannot recommend it.

Q: What are your payment options?

A: Payment to precede shipment on all orders (excluding some trade clients). 

Payment can be made via Credit & Debit cards using Shopify's secure platform.


Thanks for taking the time to read the above. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us via the contact page. Chirp on!