Live Crickets

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Live Crickets

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WINTER SHIPPING - Heat packs added once again as an extra precaution but please don't be alarmed if the insects arrive motionless. Being cold blooded is a huge advantage here. Please allow the insects time to warm slowly to room temperature or a good 20 degrees Celsius over a period of at least 2 hours before shaking them out of the box! They go dormant in cool weather and shaking them up while in this state is unlikely to harm them but is not ideal either. Be kind to these amazing morsels, please any questions get in touch. Chirp on, from Matt


Live crickets (Teleogryllus commodus). Premium feed for your insectivore. Large or small we feed them all! Use the biggest possible size as the animal will require less overall.

Suited to: Amphibians, birds, reptiles, mammals. Most insectivores. 

Sizes: (target size/may vary slightly). 

  • 2mm     Pinheads (Tiny like ants - great alternative to wingless fruit fly).

  • 5mm     Extra small

  • 10mm   Small 

  • 15mm   Medium 

  • 20mm   Large (Great for feeding or as breeders)

  • 20mm+ Adult (Feed out within 1 week or expect some natural die off).


If your animal does not require live please use the humanely harvested, convenient dried product with extended shelf life.


  • Live delivery Guaranteed

  • Sending out on only MONDAY & WEDNESDAY weekly. 

  • Orders must be received by 8am to be shipped on the same day.

  • Target: Overnight to North Island non-rural; 2-3 days to South Island and Rural.

  • Please supply a non-rural address if possible.


As always, chirp on.