Live Soldier Grubs®

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Live Soldier Grubs®

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10% price reduction on 1kg pack as farm output is boosting! 14.05.2022 

NEW Advanced grade. Basically slightly larger and a good portion dark prepupae larvae. Ideal for large reptiles, birds, fish and or hatching into flies as feeders. Great addition to composts also, these really are natures recyclers and will outdo earthworms tenfold.  

Standard feeder size is what we have been supplying for the past few years and relished by most pets. Mostly light young larvae just before becoming prepupae. Some animals prefer the young but not all so we are learning. 


Live Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Hermetia illucens). High calcium alternative to mealworms. These are captive bred in a controlled environment to ensure premium quality and consistency. A great staple feeder insect.


  • Recommended to feed out within a week or two at most.

  • Packed in an organic substrate, just sift off and feed out as needed. 

  • Larvae should last two weeks at room temp. Keep substrate just slightly moist but not wet.

  • If lucky enough to get pre-pupae (dark grubs) or pre-pupae develop over time, feed those out first.

  • Pupae could start to hatch into flies after a week or two if kept warm. Also a great feeder but they can be tricky to hatch consistently.


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  • Sending out on only Tuesday weekly. 

  • Orders must be in the day before any given shipping day.

  • Target: Overnight to North Island non-rural; 2-3 days to South Island and Rural.