Live Silkworms

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Live Silkworms

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Will load more silkworms on here Saturday or Sunday each week if have any available. (for send out Tuesday & Wednesday)

Very limited numbers over summer season - small scale project here. Enjoy. 

Listed some bags of mulberry leaves too incase you want to grow them on etc. Bit limited in supply but will have plenty in the next few weeks as trees really take off. Can store leaves in the fridge for at least a week.  If get damp add dry paper towel.. if wilt add wet paper towel. Avoid feeding wet leaves to the silkworms. Any questions please let us know. 

Feed out to reptiles, bird or frogs asap. Otherwise need mulberry leaves to survive. Leaves available in a couple of weeks or so when trees really take off. 

SIZES - approximate - may vary slightly. 

Small 10mm 
Medium 15-25mm 
Large 25mm + (some may cocoon in transit) can still feed out moths in 10 days or open ocoon and feed out grub if need be)



  • Live delivery Guaranteed.

  • Sending out on Tuesday & Wednesday. 

  • Orders in by 10am Wednesday please.

  • Target: Overnight to NZ wide non-rural; 2-3 days to Rural.