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Live Silkworms

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20.07.2024 Small & Large in stock. Medium sold out. 

NEW FOOD also available - 100g should be enough to raise 25 silkworms if rationed - otherwise may have to buy more. Supplied as a powder needs mixing with water and microwaving to form a not too wet not too dry mix. Instructions below at bottom of this page. 
PLEASE NOTE: will need to feed silkworms out within a day or three as only enough food for shipping supplied. These have been raised on a new silkworm chow diet developed here as no leaves on the trees in winter. 

SILKWORMS are an incredibly nutritious feeder insect, high in calcium and full of nutrient dense mulberry they really are a great addition to any diet. Variety is always key. Easily digestible too so can feed reasonable sizes to young animals. Any questions please ask.

Feed out to reptiles, bird or frogs asap. Otherwise need mulberry leaves or purchase the food. 

SIZES - approximate - may vary slightly. 

Small 10mm 
Medium 15-25mm 
Large 25mm + (some may cocoon in transit) can still feed out moths in 10 days or open cocoon and feed out the grub if need be).


  • Live delivery Guaranteed.

  • Sending out on Tuesday & Wednesday. 

  • Orders in by 10am Wednesday please.

  • Target: Overnight to NZ wide non-rural; 2-3 days to Rural.


Add 3 parts water (300g)
Stir well. Cover with glad wrap. 
Microwave for 2 minutes. Then Stir.
Microwave for 2 more minutes Leave covered to cool on bench. Once room temp place in the fridge to chill down. Can cut slices or grate the food over the worms once daily. Let food dry out before offering more. Aim to feed just enough each day otherwise it will go to waste. Can feed twice daily if you like. Store in fridge until feeding out. Should last up to four weeks in the fridge 
Note: aiming for a crème cheese like consistency. Not wet or sticky and not too dry or the worms will struggle to eat it. Microwaves may vary so if still wet/sticky give it longer. It Crumbly/dry try less next time.