Freeze Dried Crickets
Freeze Dried Crickets
Freeze Dried Crickets
Freeze Dried Crickets
Freeze Dried Crickets

iNZect Direct New Zealand

Freeze Dried Crickets

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Freeze dried whole adult crickets.


iNZect® Direct freeze dried Crickets 30g

Ingredients: New Zealand farmed large size crickets. (teleogryllus commodus)

Suited to: Reptiles (especially turtles), Birds, Fish and more dine here on complete protein, natural whole food!

The ultimate iNZect® to have on hand when live food is not available or required. Crickets are a complete protein (building blocks for life) unlike most other insects. Coupled with high calcium Soldier Grubs® (in other listings) these make for a great addition be it treat or staple for any insectivore. Including, reptiles like bearded dragons and bluetongue skinks, fish, turtles, birds like chickens, ducks, quail and more.

-NZ Made

-Complete protein (essential for good growth).

-Compostable packaging.

-No additives

-No preservatives

-Fuss free alternative to live feeding

-Long shelf life

-Freeze dried to lock in nutrients

-Humanely harvested

-Great alternative to mealworms.

-Feed as part of a varied diet

-Store in a cool dry place