Live Soldier Grubs®

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Live Soldier Grubs®

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Live Soldier Grubs® aka black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens - NZ iNZect® strain).

**NEW 26.05.2024 Advanced grade - slightly bigger and more prepupae (dark larvae) Ideal if want to hatch into flies for frogs etc. 

Pack weights: 100 = 25g+ // 250 = 50g+ // 500 = 100g+ // 1000 = 200g+   

High calcium premium alternative to mealworms. These beneficial insects are captive bred in a controlled environment refined over almost 10 years to ensure premium quality and consistency. A great staple feeder insect unique to iNZect® Direct.

  • No care required - recommended to feed out within a week, or two at most.

  • Packed in an organic substrate, just sift off and feed out as needed. 

  • Contain incredible properties like lauric acid. Almost like a natural antibiotic. 

  • High calcium insect & low in phosphorus (rare in feeder insects). 

  • Incredible addition to insectivores diets especially when used with complete protein crickets. 
  • If lucky enough to get pre-pupae (dark grubs) or pre-pupae develop over time, feed those out first.

  • Pupae could start to hatch into flies after a couple of weeks if kept warm. Also a  great enrichment feeder but they can be tricky to hatch consistently.


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