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New Zealand Native Seeds. Coming soon!!

LIVE AUCTION: Native passionfruit closes this Sunday 4.07.2021


Kohia, reinga reinga, manuka, pittosporum, gossamer grass, carex secta and virgata. 


As passionate gardeners we want to share some of the seed we collect and propagate for here, most of which from a beautiful little block of land in the Wairarapa where we are developing a native seed orchard and trying to reinstate a small wetland that once was. Thankfully some incredible trees were planted here over the past 25 years making way for amazing bird and insect life, and now we are adding the native plants, many many more natives right around the perimeter with a walking/mountain bike track and trapline planned. With hundreds of plants in the ground already and many thousands yet to go in once fencing at considerable expense is completed soon. To outline the significance, over 50% of this small but incredibly diverse block will be fenced off. It is my hope that we can just set yet another example of how 'simple' plantings can really help with diversity adding real value for people and the planet. 

All proceeds from the seed sales will go toward this planting project coupled with setting up a valuable seed orchard so we can share more seed over the coming years.


If you have any questions or are after any type of seed in particular please contact us here


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